Getting Started

First, read Mathieu Leplatre’s article Django: Do not forget Do Not Track.


django-donottrack requires Python 2.7 or newer and Django 1.4 or newer.

Installation & Usage

Included is middleware for detecting HTTP_DNT and passing its information on to both views and templates via the request object, and a useful context processor. The middleware also adds a vary header for cache control.

Installation of the middleware is required. The context processor is convenient and thus recommended.


    # default/other processors ...
    # default/other processors ...

    # default/other processors ...

Then in your template you can do things like:

{% if not donottrack %}
    {% include "google-analyitcs.html" %}
{% endif %}

And your views can also handle DNT:

def my_view(request):
    if not request.donottrack:
        # Log some request data ...

    # continue with view logic


Adding this app to your INSTALLED_APPS is currently unnecessary unless you want to run tests.

Other Information


Installing this app in your Django project does not mean that you honor Do Not Track any more than installing django-secure means your web applicaiton is secure. It only means you have some tools to help with that end goal. You will need to audit your full stack to ensure that you are honoring DNT. But this app is a great start, and we hope you find it useful.


This is an initial release. Despite being simple and theoretically solid (it has a full test suite) this is a beta-type release, and the public API may change, and as I learn more about DNT, more functionality may be added.