Source Code

donottrack source code is managed using Git, and can be found on GitHub. Feel free to clone, fork, and contribute.


The documentation is written in plain text, viewable practially anywhere. An HTML version of the docs can be found online at Read the Docs. If you want to build a local version of these, you can install Sphinx, and then from the doc directory in this repository, run:

make html

You will find the built docs in the docs/_build/html directory.


Build status

donottrack has a full test suite. Current build status can be found at Travis CI.

Test settings are included, so tests can be run outside of a Django project: test donottrack --settings="donottrack.tests.settings"

If you have not installed donottrack, but are working from a Git checkout, you will need to either have it on your PYTHONPATH or run the above command from the root of the repository.


In order for donottrack tests to run in your project, you will need to add donottrack to your INSTALLED_APPS. (Mentioned here because no other donottrack functionality requires this.)